Christian and Arden’s first date was at a coffee shop so it only made sense to start of the first part of their engagement shoot at Loyal Coffee in Colorado Springs. Christian also brought a bible as a “prop” but unknown to Arden, it would be a gift that she would give him on their wedding day!

You can view their sweet proposal video here! 

Credits: Filming: @brietynrogers Editing: @christianearly Music: There Will Be Time by Mumford and Sons ft. Baaba Maal

“06.30.2018 I love you and that’s the beginning and ending of everything. Our relationship is nothing short of a miracle and reassurance of God’s provision and faithfulness. I knew from a young age God had whispered to me a spectacular, righteous man would one day take my hand in marriage. Yet sometimes I doubted that such a man existed… and if he did that I wouldn’t deserve him. I’ve gotten distracted and taken love into my own hands before, but soon realized I was searching when I should be praying. That’s the beauty in our Father and all of the miraculous, wonderful things He wants to do in our lives. When we simply allow Him to do what only He can do then he gives us not what we deserve, but His best for us. Arden, you are my greatest blessing and the man I’ve prayed for. I love you forever, and I will serve you and our God all my days. You have my whole heart, Arden Bevere. ” – Christian Bevere